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Axopar London Group has been appointed as an international dealer for Axopar boats across 6 key territories.

Axopar Boats co-founding partner, Jan-Erik Viitala, said of the new distribution agreement: “Thanks to our existing dealer network we are already unbelievably proud of the fact that Axopar is a globally recognised and market-lead­ing brand, but now with the addition of the Axopar London Group, we can strengthen and expand that dealership network even further.”

Under a new trading name, Axopar London Group, which is part of the Sunseeker London Group of companies, Axopar London Group are now dealers in the UK, Monaco, Portugal, Egypt, Andalucía and Malta. With an extensive wealth of leading marine industry knowledge and an extensive network of highly skilled engineers our teams are ready to make your Axopar experience the best it can be.