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AXOPAR Adventure Series

The spirit of AXOPAR is truly captured in AXOPAR’s latest Adventure series. Whether it’s exploring dramatic coastlines or hidden gems in an Archipelago the AXOPAR is proving itself as the go-to boat for anyone with an explorer at heart.

Not simply about getting you out there, it’s all about what you can do when you arrive too. Whether carrying, bicycles, paddleboards, kayaks, climbing gear, fishing equipment or more. AXOPAR has plenty of room to accommodate all your activities. See the video below for a glimpse at this exciting feature series from the ultimate Adventure brand.

The great thing about this super feature series is that AXOPAR is committed to producing some cracking content that really demonstrates the brands’ versatility, and its fun to watch besides.

Set in some incredible locations, and not just your typical sunny beach either, think craggy coastline and chilly weather exploration! That is what Finland does best after all…

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