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AXOPAR 22 Spyder Live Stream Launch!

November 30, 2020 December 4, 2020
The Internet

We are challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries by revealing our striking new Axopar 22 Spyder in an über-cool way, in an industrial environment and also around the picturesque Helsinki archipelago.

This live-stream event will be filmed during the last week of November at the charismatic Train Factory, in the same surroundings as the Revolution launch last year, continuing on the waters around Suomenlinna, a Unesco World Heritage site.

During this event we will also film a series of videos of the launch itself, sea trials and walkthrough videos of the boats’ options and features, as well as interesting interviews with key members of the project team.

This is a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, where we need to secure that we get information out to you and your customers in the event that there would be no international boat shows held in the near future.

The World Premiere of the Axopar 22 Spyder is still intended to be held at boot21, Düsseldorf in January, but is fully dependent on current COVID-19 developments. 






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