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Is AXOPAR the 2021 European Powerboat of the Year?

Well golly gosh darn it – we’ve only gone and got nominated for another award!

Each year Europe’s best in the boating industry are rewarded with the “Oscars of boating“: The international “European Powerboat of the Year” Awards. The title is highly acknowledged and is awarded to the best five boats sold in Europe, in five different size categories.

The European Powerboat of the Year Award will be presented in January 2021 and the Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin is nominated in the category – “Up to 14 meters”.

The European Powerboat Award is presented by the motorboat magazines BOOTE (Germany), (Italy), Batmagasinet (Norway), (Switzerland), Motorboat (Netherlands), Nautica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France) and Yachtrevue (Austria).

Being nominated alone means that the yacht is one of the most promising new innovations for the upcoming boating season 2021. The European Powerboat of the Year is the most thorough competition there is for production yachts. The criteria that the jury bases their evaluation on space between value for money, performance and innovation. The spirit is to award the models that carry on valuable features, regardless of the brand or the market diffusion.

We don’t mean to toot our own trumpet, but you can see why though can’t you? Fingers crossed she takes the title in her class!