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Missed the AXOPAR 22 World Premiere? No bother, watch the replay right here!

Okay guys, time to pop your feet up, grab a hot chocolate and click the video below to watch the replay of the AXOPAR 22 Virtual World Premiere by AXOPAR of Finland.

Because of these unusual times, this type of launch is a first for the company being a completely live virtual broadcast from the famous train factory which is an ultra-cool venue in Helsinki!

Sorry sometimes I look wonky, this website sometimes knocks the video out of line, press the full-screen button instead!

If you don’t have time watch the full video above, we’ve listed some of the highlights we think are brilliant:

Seriously cool centre console!

Make your AXOPAR yours with customisable rear deck options.

Specifically designed hull for ride and handling, that’s a lot of technology in a small boat!

Sits on a trailer perfectly = no marina fees and you can store it on your driveway!

AXOPAR x JOBE = seriously cool boats

(They’ve even designed a water toy for it specifically how cool is that!)

((and a hammock – YEAH A HAMMOCK!!!))

Plus there’s something supersecret hidden within the camping/adventure background like a little Easter egg for the future 😉

Sure you haven’t got time to watch it?