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Axopar customers can now differentiate and characterise the look and feel of their new Axopar by ordering a BRABUS Line Trim Package – adding value with discreet exterior trim & styling enhancements. Comprising a series of carefully chosen visual improvements, BRABUS Line Trim Package is available across all Axopar 28 and 37 foot models. PerfectRead more

On Saturday 7th July, Alex Luther and the Chasing Canguro team celebrated their incredible World Record Mediterranean marathon, which finished in Cervia, Italy. On the evening of Thursday 5th July, Alex reached his objective to break the previously unbeaten World Record set in 1970 by his grandfather, Harry Luther, waterskiing from Tangiers, Morocco, and trackingRead more

‘Courageous, brave and honourable’ – words that summarise the ‘Chasing Canguro’ world record water-ski attempt that 36 year old Australian, Alex Luther, is currently mid-way through completing in deep admiration and respect of his late grandfather, Harry Luther’s 5,010km marathon water-ski world-record, set in 1970. Using an Axopar 37 Sun-Top Version-R, powered by latest 300hpRead more